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Welcome to the new home of Flatwater Shakespeare! Feel free to browse, and check back here for updates on Lincoln's #1 source for Shakespeare!


Inclement Weather policy

It is our desire to complete every performance, and we will make every effort to start, continue, and finish each show despite light rainfall or breezy conditions.


In the event of heavy rains or winds, however, we may delay the start of the show, or the completion of the show, in the hope that the weather will clear. Announcements will be made informing audience members of "holds." We may also pause to take precautions to ensure the safety and health of the performers and crew, as well as members of the audience.


The Swan Theatre at Wyuka Stables provides ample room for all to avoid the rain. Most of the performance and seating areas, however, are open-air.


If severe storms are likely or imminent, shows may be cancelled beforehand. To find out if a show is cancelled prior to showtime, please check our Facebook page. You can also call for information during the afternoon of a performance date at 402-319-2895.


Tickets for cancelled shows can be exchanged for another performance, depending on availability.




Flatwater Shakespeare Company announces cast list for Hamlet

Flatwater Shakespeare Company is pleased to announce the cast for the fall production of Hamlet (full title:The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark). There were many great auditions, and difficult cast decisions had to be made. Congratulations to those who were cast, and many thanks to all who auditioned for the production. 

Hamlet Cast List (in alphabetical order)

Paden Alexander - Rosencratz

Sara Broad - Lady in Waiting

Tom Crew - Marcellus/1st Gravedigger

Andy Dillehay - Horatio

Stephen Gaines - Ghost of Hamlet's Father

Emma Gruhl - Ophelia

Dillon Kirby - Murderer/Osric/Norwegian Captain

Patrick Lambrecht - Cladius

Rachel Lambrecht - Gertrude

Matt Lukasiewicz - Hamlet

Aden Marshall - Francisco/Reynaldo

Walter McDowell, III - Bernardo/King's Body Guard/Sea Captain

Larry Mota - Guilderstern

Richard Nielsen - Polonius

Scott Shomaker - Laertes

Rich Sibley - Player King

Jesse Snider - Boy/Prologue/2nd Gravedigger

Deb Waechter - Lady in Waiting

Natalie Weiss - Player Queen